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What makes our BOREAL Soap so special?

Boreal Soap is Canada’s only handcrafted soap that uses both Shea Butter as well as pure Golden Jojoba Oil, a luxurious ingredient that leaves skin more moisturized with every wash.

· We handcraft our soaps in small batches

· Our ingredients are sustainably-sourced and 100% vegetable based

· 100% Natural minerals for color

· Only pure essential oils. No synthetic fragrances. No perfumes.

· Luxuriously moisturizing, without oily residue

· Perfect for Hands, Body & Face

From Natural Oils to Luxury Soap 


BOREAL Soaps begin as a mix of vegetable oils - simple ingredients that would not look out out of place in your kitchen pantry, on a salad, or on a frying pan for an omelette.

To delight the senses, we add natural essential oils. Anyone sensitive to synthetic fragrances will be pleased to know that BOREAL Soap uses no synthetic fragrances and no perfumes .

Our essential oils are found in nature - not synthesized in a laboratory.

The magic moment: Unrefined Shea Butter is melted with vegetable oils

The magic moment: Unrefined Shea Butter is melted with vegetable oils

Natural oils

Vegetable-sourced Shea Butter and Golden Jojoba Oil are melted to make our signature Just Awesome Soap formula. Golden Jojoba Oil is a plant-based liquid wax that emulates the skin’s natural moisturizing oils - it’s what makes our soap so special!

Each mold will become 200+ bars of luxurious Boreal Soap.

Each mold will become 200+ bars of luxurious Boreal Soap.

handcrafted in small batches

The oil mixture becomes soap: a very precise amount of sodium hydroxide solution is necessary to convert the liquid oil into solid soap! Then the soap has to rest for a few days before it’s ready to cut into individual bars. Our soap is then cured on drying racks for a time, before being packaged up, ready for use. Boreal Soap is made with a 4% superfat, which means our soaps are extra moisturizing!

Honey bees love our Espresso-Patchouli Boreal Soap!

Honey bees love our Espresso-Patchouli Boreal Soap!

it’s the bee’s knees!

Near the end of the soap-making process, we add essential oils. These may include pleasant smelling oils like lavender, or anti-oxidant oils like rosemary. We may also add mineral-based natural colors, and activated charcoal at this stage.

We carefully pour the resulting mixture into molds that can make more than 200 bars of luxurious Boreal Soap. Freshly-made soap has a high water content, so our 6-week drying and curing process helps each bar to last longer!

Our unique moisturizing BOREAL soaps and 100% pure Alberta beeswax candles are handcrafted with love in St. Albert and Perryvale, AB, Canada.

Our products are inspired by the majesty and natural beauty of the Boreal forest, the lungs of our planet.


We believe in supporting the environment, and sustainable agriculture. All our ingredients come from sustainable sources.

100% of our beeswax is supplied by local honey producers in Northern Alberta. This contributes to healthy and sustainable honey-producing practices and benefits the local plant life, wildlife and economy.


Our handcrafted products are:

  • 100% Natural

  • Luxurious

  • Never tested on animals

  • From sustainable sources

Some of our components come from far away. We are committed to contributing 5% of our net earnings to support education in southern Africa and Ukraine.
— Nestor Petriw, Founder of Boreal Soap & Candle Co.

We support the idea of sharing our success with the less fortunate. We helped to teach English as volunteers in Ukraine in 2016 and 2017. We also visited Zimbabwe and South Africa in 2007, 2011, and 2012, and learned about local education challenges and wildlife conservation. We want to make their success part of our success. It’s a small world, and we’re all interconnected. We invite you to share our vision.